Export Google Fit Daily Steps, Weight and Distance to a Google Sheet

Updated on Friday, April 28, 2023

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Sarah Bayly

Thank you for your super quick response.

That works perfectly.

However is there any way to have it update more often rather than just once a day? Ideally once every 10 minutes?

Many thanks, Sarah

Robert Ellison

Hi Sarah, should be pretty easy. Instead of append row make a call like:


Where A1 is the target cell. This will update rather than append. Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!

Sarah Bayly

This is great thank you.

I'm currently building a project (a remote control that only let's you watch YouTube if you've done enough daily steps :-) ) ... that needs the CURRENT DAILY STEP TOTAL.

Is there anyway for it to pull the steps say every 10 minutes (updating a cell rather than adding new lines)? I'm new to this, so have got it working, but don't know how to amend.

I'll make sure I share the finished project with you and link back here!

Many thanks. Sarah

Robert Ellison

James, the current script will store one set of credentials at a time. It's probably possible to create a multi-user version, or a multi-sheet implementation of what you're trying to do. It's not something I have time to do with this script though.

James Chambers

I am currently doing a study which monitors the steps of a group of diabetes patients. I would love to have all of their info into one spreadsheet. I already authorized my other google account via the option in the sheet by just logging in. Then I come to see 2 users in the oath user cap now. However I can only see data from the first user authorized. Do you have any repository to an idea like this ?

Robert Ellison

James, you'd need to manage OAuth for each user which is going to be fairly complex. I'd approach this by having a sheet for each user and then as a separate process merge everything together into another sheet.

James Chambers

Is this possible to implement this with multiple users? Having all their data displayed in separate rows?

Robert Ellison

Hi Jim, nothing I'm aware of. I'd suggest revoking access from Google Fit, resetting the script and then reauthorizing (see instructions in post). Let me know if you're still having trouble after that.

Jim Rion

Thanks so much for this, it had been really helpful and worked perfectly for about two weeks

Now, I keep getting failure notifications every couple of days and have to go in and reauthorize the Google sheet's API access. It started June 1st. Has something changed on Google's side somewhere?


This is awesome! Thank you!

I was planning to improve my spanish but guess I'll figure out how to add more data - I'm not a programmer.

I had previously spent so much time trying to get google sheet data from google fit. It's way harder than I would have expected.

Do you have a donation page?

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