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Catfood Software Support

Updated on Monday, June 24, 2019

Catfood Software Support

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Otto Kralj

As an ols customer with a new more powerful computer my Q is this:

Otto Kralj

as an old customer with a new computer what version of CATFOOD EARTH do you suggest?

Robert Ellison

I'd just install the latest version linked from the Downloads page.


still love this. thanks Rob. hope all is well. liquid democracy article was kinda fun.

Robert Ellison

Cool! It still gets downloaded even now that it's pretty well hidden. Liquid democracy is pretty interesting but needs a better name and some marketing...


Thanks for the update to replace the clouds layer. I notice that the "weather radar" layer shows nothing. Actually, in the many years -- and several Windows OS versions -- that I've been using your wonderful screen saver and wallpaper, I've never seen weather radar displayed. Any guess as to why?

Robert Ellison

That's odd. Which state / area / radar type are you using?



Any chance you could put the sun and moon in Catfood Earth desktop?

Robert Ellison

Regarding sun and moon - maybe, it's been on my list for a possible new layer for a while. No promises that this will happen any time soon but watch the blog for updates...

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