ZoneInfo Update (tzdata for .NET)

Updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

ZoneInfo Update (tzdata for .NET)

I've used the ZoneInfo (PublicDomain.ZoneInfo) project from CodePlex for quite a few years, especially in Catfood Earth. The project had rusted a little so I emailed the author (Mark Rodrigues) and he was kind enough to add me as a developer. I've just updated ZoneInfo with some of the local changes I'd made and a variety of patches from the CodePlex community. It now works with the latest IANA tzdata file, at least for the test cases I can run. Let me know if I missed something (and thanks Mark for letting me contribute back to this very helpful project).

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(Published to the Fediverse as: ZoneInfo Update (tzdata for .NET) #code #software #earth #zoneinfo #codeplex ZoneInfo - updated library to access the IANA time zone database (tzdata) from .NET projects. )


Robert Ellison

Hi Danny, there is an archive available on CodePlex - I contributed to the CodePlex project so the updates I made should be included. As far as I know the project never got rebooted after CodePlex shut down. I still use an old copy from there and haven't had to update it recently. Hope this helps. Post back if not...

Danny Richardson

Hi Robert,

I'm interested in using ZoneInfo. Have you posted the updated code anywhere? Are you willing to share it? I'm happy to share anything I contribute.


- Danny Richardson

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