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Earth and WebCamSaver

Catfood Earth is Windows Desktop wallpaper that updates throughout the day with updated cloud cover, day/night and many other optional layers. Also available for Android.

Catfood WebCamSaver streams live webcams from around the world as a screen saver and supports 1, 4, or 16 webcams per monitor. Mult-dispaly setups are fully supported.

Old Products

The following products are no longer supported. I've left the downloads live in case you depend on the latest version but there is no plan to update or fix bugs at present. The source code for PdfScan is available on GitHub.

Some products require registration to enable full functionality. Use the email address [email protected] to register and the key listed next to each product above (but please don't send email here, the address is no longer monitored, for support see the link above).