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Helen Lewis Has Left the Chat

Helen Lewis Has Left the Chat

Helen Lewis Has Left the Chat is a six part survey of instant messaging, from Whatsapp parents groups to Telegram. The snippets of the worst mistakes people have made in chat are worth it alone, as is the somewhat haphazard invention of xxx is typing.


3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem

After some terrible adaptations of cherished books I was pretty worried about this one. I think they nailed it. Trisolarians are now San-Ti, it's set in London and there are plenty of character and plot changes. But it's a compelling narrative that so far captures the spirit of the books without their somewhat clinical style. And I didn't see a single out of place Starbucks cup. Can't wait for the next installment.

Tokyo Vice Season 2

Tokyo Vice Season 2

Season 1 was great, if based on a maybe exaggerated book. Season 2 starts off a little slow and had the feel of a writers room that ran out of source material. Then they bring back Tozawa who is on the cusp of subverting the entire nation and order needs to be restored. From that point this is as compelling and unputdownable as the first installment.

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