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ESRI Shapefile Library Update

I've just released a small update for my ESRI Shapefile Reader project on Codeplex. The only change is a patch from SolutionMania that fixes a problem when the shapefile name is also a reserved name in the metadata database. The patch escapes the name preventing an exception from being thrown.

Catfood.Shapefile.dll is a .NET 2.0 forward only parser for reading an ESRI Shapefile. Download 1.20 from Codeplex.


Rob Ellison

Thanks Cat, will check it out and see if it works with the Shapefile dBase format.

Patrick Cozzi

Rob, I'm interested to know if the 64-bit drivers work with the Shapefile dBase format. I am currently running as a 32-bit process to workaround the issue.

Also, do you know if I can read different shapefiles using different threads with your library?


Rob Ellison

Patrick, I haven't tried the 64-bit driver yet. This was the only reason for forcing the demo app to run as 32-bit so it should be easy to test by updating the project to "Any CPU" and trying it with a shapefile.

The library is not thread safe so you should enumerate on a single thread. This only applies to parsing the file, once you've got the shape objects you could use worker threads to perform whatever processing is needed. Does this help?

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