Timelapse of three Starlink Trains

Updated on Saturday, February 19, 2022

Starlink-25 satellite train over San Francisco

This short timelapse video shows three Starlink satellite trains passing over San Francisco.

I use findstarlink to look for good viewing conditions after a launch. It's tough to get both a good pass and reasonably clear skies but last night was excellent for both. According to the site the first train is Starlink-18 and the second is Starlink-25. The third train wasn't listed. It certainly looks similar but I guess it could be something else. The timelapse shows all three as they happened and then zooms in for a better view of each.

Shot on a Sony A7C, 20mm f1.8 1s ISO800 (2s interval) and then post processed with LRTimelapse. Lightroom Classic, DaVinci Resolve and Filmstro Pro.

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Starlink Train

Updated on Saturday, May 8, 2021

Starlink Train

Caught the end of a SpaceX Starlink Train last night - image above is three stacked six second exposures.

Update: check out this timelapse of three Starlink trains in a row.

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