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Updated on Saturday, April 20, 2024
NYTimes: This Artificially Intelligent Pin Wants to Free You From Your Phone

Nope: "To unlock the device with a passcode, hold out your hand to project a green laser onto your palm. Pulling your hand outward increases the number while pulling it inward decreases it, and you select each digit by pinching two fingers on the same hand." #ml #humane


Why did all the Little Chefs disappear?

Little Chef promise to swap your empty plate for our lollypop. Can't have been cheap. #littlechef


San Francisco’s Train System Still Uses Floppy Disks - and Will for Years

“The system is currently working just fine, but we know that with each increasing year, risk of data degradation on the floppy disks increases and that at some point there will be a catastrophic failure,” - maybe save $400M with a floppy emulator and a USB stick? #sfmta #muni #sanfrancisco

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