Sutro Tower, Moon, and Plane

A Plane, the Moon and Sutro Tower

Google Pixel 6 Pro 19mm f3.5 1/250s ISO33

Brief moment of calm before a 737 knocks the Moon into Sutro Tower. Almost.

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Anemone Cave

Sea Anemones in a cave

Google Pixel 6 Pro 7mm f1.9 1/180s ISO44

A cave full of sea anemones at Marshall's Beach in San Francisco.

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Barn Owl

Barn Owl in Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco

SONY DSC-RX10M4 220mm f4.0 1/100s ISO6400

A Barn Owl hunting in Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco on Christmas Eve 2021.

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Teddybear Cholla

Teddybear Cholla

SONY ILCE-7C 40mm f22.0 1/40s ISO125

Photo of the Teddybear Cholla garden in Joshua Tree National Park.

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Skull Cave

Skull Cave

SONY ILCE-7C 20mm f1.8 1/30s ISO2500

Just inside the mouth of Skull Cave at Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California.

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Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge

SONY DSC-RX10M4 9mm f16.0 1/125s ISO100

Sundial Bridge

SONY DSC-RX10M4 58mm f11.0 1/200s ISO100

Sundial Bridge

SONY DSC-RX10M4 9mm f11.0 1/160s ISO100

The Sundial Bridge in Redding, California crosses the Sacramento River while also providing the correct time one day a year (the Summer Solstice) assuming it's a sunny day (a pretty safe assumption for Redding).

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Snowy Egrets at Marshall's Beach

Snowy Egrets at Marshall's Beach

SONY DSC-RX10M4 220mm f4.0 1/2,500s ISO100

A pair of Snowy Egrets at Marshall's Beach in San Francisco, California.

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Ship Entering San Francisco Bay

Ship Entering San Francisco Bay

SONY DSC-RX10M4 220mm f4.0 1/2,000s ISO100

A ship passes a rock with birds on its way into the San Francisco Bay.

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Sand on Great Highway

Sand covering the great highway in San Francisco

Google Pixel 4 XL 4mm f1.7 1/3,900s ISO55

There is some controversy at the moment over the great highway in San Francisco. Should it stay closed to traffic as the pandemic eases? I enjoy walking and cycling here without cars, but it must be a pain to live nearby with all that traffic shifted to residential streets. It might be moot if the sand keeps flowing inland...

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San Francisco from Twin Peaks

Downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks

Google Pixel 4 XL 6mm f2.4 1/1,400s ISO40

Photo of downtown San Francisco including a view down Market Street to the ferry building shot from Twin Peaks.

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