San Francisco November 2022 Ballot Measures

SF 2022

My guide to all fourteen ballot measures for San Francisco in November 2022. Hot on the heels of 8 in June. My overriding principle here is to prevent the need for future ballot measures although I can't help myself from indulging in the occasional good idea.

A: Retiree Supplemental Cost of Living Adjustment; Retirement Board Contract with Executive Director

Yes. This is cheap and makes retirement benefits for city workers more fair and predictable.

B: Public Works Department and Commission, Sanitation and Streets Department and Commission

No. We just voted to create a department of sanitation and streets in 2020.

C: Homelessness Oversight Commission

Yes. More oversight for spending on homeless services.

D: Affordable Housing – Initiative Petition

Yes. Makes it easier to build new housing in San Francisco. Seems to cut a lot of unnecessary red tape to get projects moving faster.

E: Affordable Housing – Board of Supervisors

No. This competes with D to try and avoid losing too much control.

F: Library Preservation Fund

No. I'm not anti-library, but I am opposed to ballot measures that carve out specific funding and then will need another ballot measure if anything needs to change.

G: Student Success Fund – Grants to the San Francisco Unified School District

No. Another set aside that can't be undone without a future ballot measure.

H: City Elections in Even-Numbered Years

Yes. Increased voter turnout should lead to more representative local officials. I thought I voted for this already in 2012? Unfortunately this measure also has an adjustment to keep the number of signatures required for a new ballot measure constant. I'd love to see it get harder.

I: Vehicles on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway

No. Let's keep some car free space.

J: Recreational Use of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park

Yes. As above.

L: Sales Tax for Transportation Projects

Yes. Extends an existing sales tax for transportation.

M: Tax on Keeping Residential Units Vacant

No. Could discourage new housing from being built and as written does not apply equally to all housing.

N: Golden Gate Park Underground Parking Facility; Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority

Yes. I need to make decisions about a single parking garage? This would allow the city more control, and as I want to keep JFK car free it makes sense to optimize this parking resource for people who will have more difficulty getting to the museums as a result.

O: Additional Parcel Tax for City College

Yes. This is an important resource and we need to get it back on track.

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