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Robert Ellison

Robert Ellison

I create software products at various levels of abstraction — from low level coding to product management to M&A. Currently I'm the CTO at JustAnswer (formerly Pearl.com), where you can pay to get high quality answers from certified experts.

I was a Co-founder and the CEO of Cucku, Inc. We made an outstanding peer-to-peer backup product called Cucku Backup. Sadly this fell foul of a patent dispute and we withdrew the product as part of a settlement. In addition to Cucku Backup we released an open source tool called StackHash which makes it easier for developers to work with data from Windows Error Reporting.

Before Cucku I worked at Macrovision, mostly in Product Management and Business Development roles. Macrovision doesn't exist anymore, it's now TiVo, Flexera Software and part of Real Networks.

Earlier still I was lucky enough to spend time at two successful British startups. First at Verifier Systems where I wrote software for robotic semiconductor analysis including electrostatic discharge (ESD) and latch up testing. Verifier was acquired by Thermo Electron which is now Thermo Fisher Scientifc. Then at Ç-Dilla working on license management, copy protection and digital distribution. Ç-Dilla was acquired by Macrovision in 1999.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Cybernetics and Control Engineering from the University of Reading.

You can find more career detail on my LinkedIn profile.

For fun, I'm still pretty geeky. I publish various software tools, games and toys as Catfood Software and have several open source projects on CodePlex. I like to hike with a GPS and then write about it later — see my Hike Map. I also read too many books and have a script that pulls in my reviews.

I'm British but an army brat so I grew up all over the place. I've lived in San Francisco since 1999 and became a naturalized US citizen in 2010.

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You can email me at [email protected], send a tweet to @abfo or try the network of your choice.

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But does it get you in the HOV lane?

But does it get you in the HOV lane?